Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thank you, Pastor!

We have had the privilege of secretly planning a big 20 year surprise for Pastor for the last 2 years! It has truly been special thus far, and we are excited to reveal even more surprises for he and his wife this weekend.

Wednesday was our kick off and the kids enjoyed creating their own signs for a parade we put on for the Surretts. It was so much fun to see the excitement they had and ideas they put into action on their posters. Both Andrew and Chloe came up with what they wanted to say and asked me to write out on a small piece of paper so they wouldn’t mess up on the poster. They did such a great job and I was so proud of their intense and hard work for over an hour!

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We are so blessed to have such a godly leader and loving Shepherd! I know he may never see this post, but I am truly grateful for what he has done for our family over the last 7 years!

I am currently running around a hot kitchen preparing for a fun, unique banquet, but I am sure I am having a blast, because that is something I love to do best! I am attempting a few new things, and am praying it makes it a bit extra special for our sweet pastor and wife!