Monday, July 9, 2012

1 Week

It is hard to believe that we helped pack up some dear friends 1 week ago today! When I was going through pictures and trying to determine blog posts this is what I came across and I couldn’t help but post about it!

misc 1028

While we were emptying the fridge and freezer Aunt Mimi happened across a carton of chocolate ice cream! She had the bright idea to sit on the floor and share with Maddie and Chloe. The only utensils around were plastic forks. Quite a memorable experience that I hope my sweet girls will never forget, cuz mommy sure won’t! Not to mention that this bright auntie idea happened moments away from lunchtime! Oh well!  misc 1030

Andrew lounged on the floor in the living room playing Uncle Eric’s ipad the majority of the time we were there.  He’s already asked when Uncle Eric is moving back by us and has offered his own room! misc 1031They sure don’t look like they are working hard, but I think this was the only second of the day they stopped and I just so happened to click a shot. It was so hot and they worked soooo hard! My hubby is up in the truck---way in the back sweating buckets, for sure!

Sure miss our friends, but isn’t it awesome to watch God give others the desires of their hearts and lead them in the way and ministry He desires for them? I think it’s awesome and know one day it will be us and I can patiently look forward to that!

Aunt Mimi and Uncle Eric, the kids miss you and asked Wednesday where you were and why you weren’t at our house. Uggh, those questions make parenting no so much fun! Love you both!

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