Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July fun

We have had the incredible privilege of having Brian’s older sister and her family with us this week! We have had so much fun! Our 4th of July was relaxing and enjoyable and, of course, we ate lots of food!

Our little ones pulled out all of Andrew’s legos and have played with them much the last few days. On the 4th we dragged it all into our room so all 7 of them would have a little more room to play!

misc 1036

Here’s three of the delightful foods we “endured” eating! My favorite fruit pizza ever, strawberry jell0 salad, and watermelon!!! Maybe I’ll share my “secret” recipes in later posts. Well, minus the watermelon, because I had nothing to do with that! misc 1038  misc 1037

After an early supper, clean up, and a few games, we headed to the fireworks. I didn’t bother taking any pictures of the actual fireworks since I was too engrossed in watching them. They were amazing!!!

misc 1042  misc 1040

Hope your day was special and full of fun like ours! Have a blessed weekend, my friends!