Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Double Dates?

We had the privilege of double dating with a sweet college couple this past weekend! It certainly was a crazy day filled with tons of fun and I am still feeling it this morning! BUT, it was so worth it!

We dropped our kiddos off at Grammie Bears and headed to Atlanta, Georgia! It was a fun 3 1/2 hours full of laughing, conversation and planning what exactly we were gonna do! We started our Atlanta adventure with a yummy burger at Five guys!

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Then, we headed to a cool museum and went to an Imax! I was a bit hesitant and nervous about the whole day due to just not feeling up to par. Isn’t it awesome to take those requests to the throne of Grace and seek help and strength? I was thrilled to pieces to not be a damper on our fun date day despite having to use the restroom almost 100 times! The last time we went to an Imax I didn’t make it to the restroom before losing everything. It was pretty much awful. But this time, no nausea!!! Thank you, Lord!

Since it was 106 degrees outside we opted to go to an amazing ice cream parlor in a neat area of town! Then , it was time to head to the stadium and cheer on the Braves!! We had club seat tickets and had the air conditioned concessions, nice bathrooms, and lots of free water!!! It was hot  scorching, the Braves lost, but we had so much fun!

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The night ended with a great firework show and a LONG drive home!

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I managed to stay awake the whole time for my hubby’s sake and due to my little gymnast within me.  We got home at 4 o’clock and set the alarm for 7 o’clock since we had a full day ahead----youth meeting and then a college bowling and cookout activity the remainder of the day!

Sure was an action packed weekend, but so thankful for the fun fellowship at every avenue and safety and strength along the way!

             misc 1022 misc 1025misc 1023What did you to this weekend?