Monday, July 30, 2012

He alone holds the answers!

Blogging seems to have been placed on the back burner these days just due to being so sick and having little energy to do much more than the normal mommy privileges, minor household chores, and trying to sleep! Maybe once this little one decides to come I will be able to get back to the daily little posts. But, for now, I take each one at a time! This week has been a huge one for us and I have often over the last several days reflected on what God has done and what He continues to do! Daddy has been in Havelock since Friday and will be home later this coming Saturday. We have had multiple doctor visits, triage evaluations, and lots of this that and the other thing. Just life around these parts, I guess!

“You are still pregnant?” When is your due date again? Seriously, are you a few weeks late? Wow, you are getting big, any day, right?” These are just a few of the questions I have heard the last few days! Seriously??? It is somewhat comical (at least I try to let it be), but this is what happens when you have a complicated pregnancy and the odds of it going full-term is very slim. Well, I can say, this little angel has gone against the odds and has this mommy happy knowing that I won’t have a long term NICU baby this time! My doctors actually clapped when I walked in last week at the 36 week mark. They said it was a miracle I hadn’t had her yet especially considering I haven’t taken any of the preventative steroids and such they wanted to give me. AHH, it’s a good feeling to publically praise God and tell them that my God had completely different plans! But, it does make pregnancy seem like an eternity when all along we’ve thought she’d come early. But, I am NOT complaining!!!!!

Pastor preached two amazing sermons yesterday that I totally needed! Sunday mornings was on Job’s unshakeable faith and then the evenings was on God alone having the answers! Often we have little things that come along our way that seemingly shake us off our feet a bit. But, God has never given us more than we can handle with Him at our side! Often amidst those miniscule struggles in life (in comparison to Job’s trials) we run to everything or everyone and forget to look to the ONE alone who knows all about our situation. He knew what I would walk through today, how I would respond, what He wanted to teach me, the end results, and ultimately He knows it ALL!

Seems silly to some, but these messages were a true blessing to me. After spending several hours in the triage Saturday morning with many questions and a few stressful situations, God knew I needed to be reminded that He alone knows my every walk in life and has a special purpose for each of them!

Thank you, Lord, for the sweet reminders to look to you amidst the ups and downs knowing that you carry me along the entire way!