Monday, July 2, 2012

Like a Bed of Roses?

Ahhh, my life is so busy!!! But, I have enjoyed the wonderful surprises we have pulled off for others the last few weeks. It has definitely made life a bit crazy, but I surely do love what we do! Amidst an insanely busy week, I happened to get  a few shots of my beautiful roses that are blooming in my front “garden.” The best part is they are still alive.

I know, silly thing to be excited about, but our yard has horrible dirt and one day if the Lord keeps us in this home for a bit longer we’d really like to level everything, put down better dirt, and grow REAL grass! With that said, over the years I have tried many gardens, plants, shrubs, small trees, and many flowers. And, the only thing that has lived are my roses. So, I try to get one bush a year. This years is beating the last 3 years worth and I am pretty sure one of those is about on its last leg.

Needless to say, here is a cheery picture of a pretty flower on this dreary Monday morning! It’s dreary for me for many reasons: one of my closest friends is moving to New York today, it is currently overcast, this darling girl is sitting right on my sciatic nerve causing debilitating pain on my right side, and I have tons to do and NO energy! misc 999

Regardless of those little thistles in my day, the Word of God gives me many cheerful blooms along the way and I am rejoicing in those blooms! misc 1001

Have a blessed day, friends!