Thursday, July 19, 2012


Due to some pregnancy complications this week I have been found missing in the blogging world! So, for all you faithful readers, I am sorry. I have much to get caught up on, but because of the crazy pain I’ve been in lately things have pretty much sat tight for a bit.

I have managed to start my little pile for our yard sale this weekend. I know, crazy, right? Well, we are in need of a few things especially for Andrew and with finances being tight, I am on the creative road. Here’s a little picture of what I have found so far….

misc 1151 Just have to go through my decoration closet, toy closet and the shed. Otherwise, every other room has been purged including emptying out half the attic (not kidding). Praying I can make some money and get rid of all this stuff.

Pretty boring post, I know, but such is life right now. We are rejoicing in God’s hand of protection on this little one and mommy during this pregnancy, but we are anxious to meet her sooner than later. If you sweet friends would please pray for God’s perfect timing for labor I would greatly appreciate it. There are a great deal of scheduling conflicts coming up that may cause my hubby to miss being here, and I so do NOT want that! I know God is in control, but it does add a bit of stress.  Stop by tomorrow and see some pictures from our camping last week!