Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My weekly treasure hunt

There is nothing better than going thrifting on I Love Thrifting Day with my sister! I was a little disappointed that I had overlooked it this year especially after going with the Nester last year. But, Friday night my sister in law and I planned out our Saturday yard sale and thrifting adventure! I am really debating if I should host the I Love Thrifting Day here in Gastonia next year! Would anyone join me? I sure would love to do it and always have a blast!

Anyhow, despite puking through the night and only getting 20 minutes of sleep we hit the road EARLY leaving the 7 children behind with our sweet hubbies!

I accidentally left my list at home, but remembered several things that we needed and several of my wants from off my want list!

After grabbing a coffee and hot chocolate we hit 2 yard sales here in Kings Mountain. One was a complete dud and the other not so much. I found 2 cute jars for 50 cents and a really neat red and gold decor piece that is worth far more than I paid for it--$5!

misc 1049 Gastonia was hopping with yard sales and since Goodwills and stuff doesn’t open until 9:30 we squeezed in as many sales as possible! One of the first ones we found was a small church yard sale. Laura found a cute chunky frame for a quarter and an adorable shirt for herself. I found Maddie 2 gorgeous church dresses and 2 bracelets and a necklace for myself!

Shortly after that we found a jackpot of a yard sale! She had slews and slews of girl clothes for fill a bag for $5! Plus a table with several really nice older boy clothes. I ended up being able to find several things that have been on my list for Andrew. I found 5 pair pants, 2 pair of shorts, and a t-shirt for him along with 2 pair of shorts for Chloe for next summer, and tons of stuff for Maddie and baby! I ended up with 37 items of NAME BRAND clothing for only $10! That comes out to 27 cents a piece!!!!! It was hundreds of dollars worth of stuff and I went skipping back to the van with it!

misc 1056 misc 1059 

misc 1060 

Later in the morning we found a yard sale with a really nice cubby cupboard. Laura insisted that I buy it especially since the lady wanted only $10 for it! Honestly, I could not think of anywhere to put it, but it was a steal and I thought if anything I could resell it and make a profit off of it! After getting back to the van Laura turned to me and asked if she could buy it off of me! Ha Ha! It was funny. The only issue was fitting it into her van with all her stuff and her family! But, she really needed it and it matched my nephew’s furniture perfectly, so we did a trade and that $10 would come in handy later in the day!

misc 1048it fit perfectly when we got home!

We found tons more stuff and loved the incredible deals (steals) that came with them! We ran into one Goodwill before hitting a few other yard sales and I found a cute bright pink maxi dress that I wore Sunday!!! I am in love!

Here are a few other finds----White wicker chair---$5!!!!!!

misc 1062

Set of shutters for my bedroom project from Habitat for Humanity----$2.12

misc 1051 Laura found an amazing double stacked chandelier here for $17 too! It was awesome.

Cool Red mirror (from our Goodwill)----$5.99

misc 1050 Neat dish dispenser and black lantern (from our Goodwill)----$4.99

misc 1053 And, last but not least!!!!!!! I have been praying for almost a year to find a really pretty, great quality white coverlet for our bed! I found a white down comforter over a year ago for a steal and have really wanted to find a coverlet to help keep the bed looking clean and crisp! I have priced them and looked in multiple places and really couldn’t get myself to spend anywhere from $80- $120 on something like this. I know, it’s just hard for me. Guess my mind goes to thinking of what millions of treasures I could find with that kind of money! Well, I hadn’t lost faith and I knew the Lord would provide one when He desired. And, that was Saturday---on I LOVE Thrifting day, no less! I think I’m gonna call it I LOVE Praying and Waiting day instead. Our last stop was our Goodwill where I found the cool red mirror and lantern too. I was pretty much done and ventured toward the cash register glancing casually at racks along the way. And, there, directly in front of me in a very random place this white blob of material caught my eye! I pulled it off the hanger and un-folded it only to find a gorgeous coverlet for only $14.99! Laura and I came to agreement that it was probably a queen, but I was still gonna get it even if I used it for Andrew’s bed. That’s where that $10 from Laura’s cubby comes in. I had depleted my funds minus what I had for the mirror and lantern and some change, so I was gonna be close. With the $10 back from the cubby I ran to the checkout and handed my stuff to my favorite Goodwill employee! Gotta love it when they know me by name! Well, she marked the comforter from $14.99 down to $6.99 and I walked away with $2 in change!!!!! I have no idea why she did that, but she did, and I was one happy lady! God is good and it ended up being a king size coverlet and I love it on my bed!!!!!

misc 1063So, you will have to come back on Friday to see where I put all my new decorations! I love to thrift and yard sale, do you? What fun things did you find this week?