Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Off and running


Hard to believe that we have gotten this far into pregnancy! I am currently 34 weeks and am amazed at how God has answered prayers. Well, maybe not so much amazed or surprised, but truly grateful! You may call me nuts if you wish, but we are heading to the mountains early tomorrow morning for our church run family camp! No worries, we are NOT tenting, much to my dismay! I would so rather tent than cabin, but I guess it is for the best! It is always a great time of fellowship, lots of food, lots of laughter, late nights, and often crazy games with crazy, wonderful teenagers and adults!

Unfortunately it won’t be the normal dress dark and slither through the woods playing capture the flag for me this year! I don’t think this baby would really enjoy that and I think it just may cause problems! Plus, last year I had a sweet friend (saying sarcastically) visit me--- Poison Ivy! Not so much wanting to meet that friend ever again!

Come back Friday and see what I did with all my weekly treasure finds! I am pretty stoked about the little changes!