Thursday, July 12, 2012


I truly adore my hubby and even more I respect him SO very much! I am constantly amazed at his sacrifices and his true love for the Lord. It is very evident in his love to me and our children.

I hate it that he does not have work for 8 weeks during the summer in the sense that I know it isn’t the easiest on him financially. I think as women we often don’t see the burden our husbands carry in providing for the family! I truly am thankful for his hard and diligent work throughout the year and even during this “dead” time. He has worked so hard around the house, for others, and just has the best attitude! It is a rebuke to me often!

God is good to us and continues to provide and we are always overwhelmed at how He graciously strengthens us through these times. We are looking forward to some fun in the next few weeks. We are currently in the moutnains at our church Family camp, he has a painting job lined up for next week, then he goes on a mission trip, then goes to Wisconsin to work for the state for some good pay. Oh, and somewhere in there I am sure this munchkin will grace us with her presence!

Amidst not having a job job, we have had several fun ministry opportunities together. We enjoyed working in the nursery together which is ALWAYS a blast! I know many men who wouldn’t enjoy this opportunity, but I love watching my sweet man get on the floor and play with the little ones! There is never a dull moment. See for yourself…..

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Pretty sure Judson thought Uncle Brian was the best!!! His giggles spoke for themselves and we all had super duper fun during nursery time! Who says you can’t have a blast while ministering in the nursery?

Sure am blessed to have a faithful man to rest my hand in his hands and walk beside! Love all the times we share and cannot wait for many more years of serving the Lord together no matter what paths He leads us down!