Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ahhhhhhhh! Time sure flies!!!

So, I completely thought I'd be better at the blogging thing even amidst the crazy adjustments! But, amidst saying farewell to my hubby for a week, having migraines, hip out of joint, having a baby, packing all six of us for a week and a half, and taking a 16 hour trip to Wisconsin my life has been pretty boring!!! Ha ha!! I look forward to getting back to the daily life, but I am loving being home with my family! Funny though because the day we get back we have a weekend retreat with our teens, but I am excited as we begin preparations for rush weekend. I am hoping to put a detailed story of Ella's birth in a few days! I am so rejoicing in all the answers to prayer! What an overwhelming God I serve. God has continually reminded me of the importance it is for me to live my life in light of eternity! Sometimes it is easy to forget that I am being watched by many in all aspects of life. Even this morning I was approached by someone whom I have not seen in years. They informed me that they read my blog everyday and it has been such a blessing. That is no praise to me, but to the Lord alone. It made me so happy to know that one of my greatest desires for my blog was actually being answered. Isn't it fun to see the Lord use us in even the small ways? I like it best knowing that He can still use a wicked sinner like me. Unfortunately I do not have my computer so blogging from a phone is not the most time friendly, but I will get back to regular posts soon! Elianna is doing great and the family is adjusting well even living out of suitcases.