Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bliss and utter boringness (is that a word?)

Well, I can say life has been blissful if you define it as perfect happiness and great joy. Boringness  is certainly not been in my vocabulary lately especially when it is defined as extreme dullness! Ha, that may actually be funny coming from busy ole’ me!

We arrived home from our “vacation” only 4 hours before an all weekend retreat jumpstarting our sigma summit program once again! And, yes, time has not stood still since! I have lots of pictures to get you updated in our lives considering I was missing in action the last way too many weeks! I tackled a HUGE project this past week and am not completely done with it yet, but I am totally in love and cannot wait to share it with you.

I cannot believe that yesterday I dropped 2 of my peanuts off at school for their first day this fall! Andrew is excited to be in first grade and I cannot control the excitement from miss Chloe. I am praying that excitement to learn keeps growing! Maddie isn’t as excited for school as the rest of them, because she wants to go too, but mommy is looking forward to a little extra time with my two youngest princesses! Auntie Kate actually flew in yesterday too, so I am praying that awesome distraction will help eliminate too much drama when dropping the other two off at school!

Elianna is cuter than a button, and yes, I may be a bit prejudice, but come on, haven’t you seen her? She has been an incredibly easy baby and nurses like a champ every four hours! Gotta love schedules!!!! I know, some don’t agree with the schedule thing, but it’s the best thing for me, the family, and the baby!

Here is the picture of our sweet babies our first Sunday all together---4 days after Ella’s birth!

misc 1093

Not the greatest of pictures, but it was super hot and we only had a second! It was super sunny too!

I cannot believe she is already a month old today! Ahhh, time flies way too fast, and I am completely loving our crazy, busy, blissful life in the center of God’s hands!

misc 1088

Morning after God gave us this little peanut

 misc 1148 Big Sissy!