Friday, September 21, 2012

A few organizing finds

Anyone store stuff under their beds like me? I do not like to, but sometimes with limited space you do what you gotta do! We’ve been looking at some houses and I am creating a list of what we want when the Lord opens a door! I am so begging for HUGE closets!

Well, we have drawers for linens under our bed and I love the organized and clean look! Chloe has a drawer that holds her shoes that slides under their bed, so it looks good!

Andrew though, well, I will just say he is all boy! Part of it is that he doesn’t have a closet to just throw stuff in so his toys are “neatly” arranged in tubs under his bed! But, if he doesn’t push the tubs completely to the spot they are supposed to go, I can see them from the living room, and it doesn’t look good! So, I have been on the lookout for a cute white bed skirt! They are hard to come by at thrift stores and yard sales. And, getting the style I wanted was even harder to find! Well, we ran into Goodwill the other night as a family and I found this beautiful, white, BRAND NEW POTTERY BARN bed skirt for $14.99! I know, a bit pricey, but not when you compare the real price and not when you’ve had this on your list for 3 years! I am ecstatic! No more seeing tubs of toys from the living room!

misc 1267Do you hide your laundry room? I once did too, but I worked on a little project last week to make it look nice even with my curtains open! I actually like it, because when I have piles of laundry the curtains remain closed!! ha ha! It has made me keep up a whole lot better for sure! And, my oversized RED laundry basket is awesome! (it was currently awaiting me in the living room full of clothes to fold when I snapped this photo)! It definitely made me get rid of tons of stuff at the yard sale and I painted my boxes and things brown, white, or red so it at least matched my kitchen! So, what would it take for you to be more motivated to keep up with the daunting chore of laundry? This helped me immensely!

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