Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Being Real

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Lately the Lord has wrapped His loving arms around me in some trying situations reminding me that He is good and still in control! Ever been in a situation when you just need to vent and have someone physically just give you a hug and let you cry it out? Yup, been there recently and so thankful for a husband who allowed me to do just that!

I completely know and understand the importance of running to God amidst these times,  but I am so grateful for a few who just took the time to listen and not say anything! They later checked up on me giving me Biblical advice and directing my attention to the cross! God’s Word is clear on Biblical friendship and the importance to encourage and bear one another’s burdens! However, I believe there is an importance in knowing when to speak and what to say! Not that I am an expert on this at all, but I have had a share of hurt and disappointments over the years that has enabled me to realize the importance of timing in confrontation and or encouragement. Sometimes when a friend cries to you with their hurt it is best to just listen and not “attack” their communicating with Scripture and or rebuke!

Scripture is crucial in ALL areas and when one is hurting it is the perfect cure for all amounts of hurt!

But, maybe, that friend just needs to let it out and be reassured there is a godly friend who is willing to listen and later check up on them with some Biblical advice and encouragement.

May I give an example? The other night I had a battle going on between Satan and I about some thoughts, past wrongs, hurts, future changes, and many other things! I knew in my heart that I was fighting and I knew what God’s Word said! I also had already run to Christ and asked for help. Yet, it was still a hurt and it was still obvious on the exterior that I was struggling with something. This is totally not bad on my husbands’ part nor do I intend to embarrass him, but use this as an illustration. When he grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes and said, “Let’s not forget all the good God has done!” it was NOT what I needed to hear! Yes, it is true that God has done way more good than I ever deserve, but I just needed him to wrap his loving arms around me and let me cry and tell him the burden I was carrying and the battle that was raging! After incorrectly responding (yes, I do that many times too) I sat alone begging God to help me communicate this need too and respond to all situations the way He would desire! I am so thankful that my hubby moments later did just what I had needed before and despite my terrible reaction to his wonderful word of advice let me just talk it out with him! I am reminded more and more each day that God has blessed me with a true man of God and a loving husband.

I pray each of us can be godly friends to those whom He allows across our paths and may we each be willing to preach, admonish, rebuke and love, BUT may we also be willing to LISTEN in love! It speaks volumes!

May I just say, I have my share of weaknesses!!! I struggle much with pride and what others think of me. It is a constant “giant” of sin I seek God’s strength in conquering and I praise Him for the growth in this area as He teaches me lesson after lesson. Unfortunately, my stubborn self learns by getting a few doses of humble pie, but I am thankful for those times too. Another “giant” I daily struggle with is patience! I am so not a patient person and literally BEG God to give me a kind tongue and a patient outlook to all aspects given in a day! Due to our theme for Rush Weekend, God is showing me my “giants” that I need to consistently work on with His strength and God’s Word! What a joy to know that ….greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world!!! I John 4:4b

I just wanted to remind my readers that I am real just like you I struggle with real “giants” of sin just like you. I am certainly not perfect and make bad choices on a daily basis. I wanted to share my heart today and help you remember that we are all fighting a real battle and we can help one another through them! Satan is out  to slaughter each of us and our families! May we each run to the cross remembering too that God is greater and can and will give us real victory!

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  1. Thank you for this reminder, it was exactly what I needed today! Going through a somewhat trying time right now, but I am so thankful that my God is bigger than my trials!