Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bring on the Fall decorations!!!

With Rush weekend over (which I will post on tomorrow, hopefully), I was so ready to bring out all our fall decorations! We had a busy Monday of cleaning house, laundry and some (many) projects. I’m one of those people when I get a little energy I start way too many things. And, yes, I usually regret it! The kids helped me drag out the fall tub and all the pumpkins that are everywhere right now! But, I am loving to see the leaves and things in the house. Now, I cannot wait for leaf piles to rake and jump in!

misc 1229 kitchen table centerpiece for now

I was disappointed that I forgot to snatch a pile of pallet wood that was already cut into perfect sizes from all the rush booths. It ended up in the burn pile and my lip ended up a bit poochy for forgetting about the sign I wanted to make for this season. Alas, Tuesday I was driving through a neighborhood that has some pretty old homes and I knew it was garbage day for them so I kept my eyes peeled as I drove past their homes. At almost the last house I spotted this really cool old door that had been broken in half. I could tell that I wasn’t gonna be able to use the one half, but I jumped out praying that the other half would be in tact! And, it was!!! Off to work I went! I had to use my hubby’s handy saw and then I grabbed out my paints and painted away!  misc 1236  misc 1238 misc 1239

Gotta love it when you complete a task and your little ones and/or hubby says, “It’s beautiful!!!” I am in love and looking forward to finding some more and maybe trying to sell a few this year! Hmm, it’s a thought!