Monday, September 3, 2012

HUGE project almost completed!

Okay, so, the day after we returned from our trip up north I tackled a ginormous task---repainting my kitchen! I know, I am crazy, but that’s life in these here parts! Never a dull moment is one of my daily mottos!

Anyhow, I had planned on tackling this project this fall under the presumption I would just touch up the red paint on the cabinets. But, the more I thought about it the more I desired to change it up a bit. If you know how our home is set up, to do this requires careful planning considering our kitchen, hallway, and living room all are connected in such a way that colors need to match well.

I LOVE red!!!! But, I felt like our home was getting more red as I added my accents into the living room. So, that is when my mind geared to changing our cabinets to white!

I HATE painting cabinets!!! But, I totally love the results. I still have to put another coat on the doors once I can purchase another can of paint, but it totally opens it up more and we all love it! It seems much more clean and crisp too. I did end up painting all the walls the chocolate brown too!

misc 1140Another little open cabinet for crockpots and toaster.  misc 1132  View from front door.misc 1134 Laundry room shutters are gone and curtains made! misc 1136Stove and cabinets misc 1137  Baking Cupboardmisc 1139Open cabinet with my dishes!

I am excited to show you the red chandelier that we are gonna hang above the sink too! Hopefully it will be done this week! Well, maybe next week since we have rush this weekend!