Friday, September 14, 2012

Pi Gamma Giant Slayers

We had a great weekend with our teens and am so thankful at the same time that the craziness is over! 3 weeks of planning and preparations equals much needed sleep and a huge mountain of laundry! Our team chose to do a theme somewhat geared around Jack n’ the beanstalk! We just left out Jack and the magic beans. We decided we would build a castle in the clouds with a gigantic beanstalk. Our team motto is “Overcoming my giant!” (that giant being sin). And our verse is I John 4:4 b …Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world!

While it was weird not being red or screaming go Nu Delta, I think we have officially crossed over and are used to the Green team! WE love our kids and are looking forward to a great year with each of them! Might I mention we also have 2 amazing college assistants!!!

Here are a few pictures of our booth!!

 misc 1182 misc 1183

All of us girls went out hunting kudzoo after visiting several bus kids! Crazy, fun times!!!!

misc 1203 misc 1187 

Our tiny village you could see from the window of the castle in the “clouds”—complete with beanstalk coming from one mini home

Ben and Jonathan made all our windows!  

misc 1190misc 1191

Thanks to our marvelous guy CA for the awesome idea of a Giant cut out!!!

3rd tower complete with beanstalk

misc 1195misc 1192

Inside our booth Rush night. Hatred was one of our Giants depicted in our castle (dart board)

Theme verse

misc 1194misc 1196

Outside view of growing beanstalk and dungeon tower

Fear was another Giant in our castle

misc 1198misc 1199

Pride and Greed were 2 other giants displayed in the booth

misc 1197misc 1202

Vanity and Gluttony

misc 1201misc 1200

Another view of hatred and Laziness

misc 1189


misc 1186   misc 1188

Prep and Complete

misc 1185     

Ella Boo was my little angel!!!

  Oh, did I mention that Pi Gamma Giant Slayers won Rush weekend????? Just thought I’d make that clear! (o: