Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The price we pay in making our girls Beautiful!

I hate it when a stranger asks, “What is it, boy or girl?” Really, doesn’t the pink blanket say it all? Alas, sticking a pretty bow in the hair eliminates those ridiculous questions but it also is just fun to make them look extra cute!

I have learned to LOVE making bows for my girls! I think we currently have WAY too many, but that’s what happens with 3 girls that have growing and changing wardrobes! Initially, I had a sweet friend show me how to make bows when I had Chloe and am so thankful for her help and inspiration. After a while I just started doing it differently and had fun coming up with different ways and styles. I am sure those styles are all over pinterest and the web, but I haven’t all that much time to research those. Plus, it’s fun to just figure things out on one’s own. At least it is for me, I like the challenge! lol

The other day I noticed Ella’s head was way too small for the bands I had and I needed something that would fit to her head now and could stretch. So, I ran to Michaels with my coupon and bought some elastic.

Here is what I finished after 1 hour of “labor.” And, I guarantee I would have dropped a bucket load of moola if I bought stuff like this at a store. Granted…..I think mine don’t look as professional, but that’s okay!

By the way…Michaels often sells their flowers for 99 cents each and you can often find some on clearance too! Makes for a super easy and cheap bow or clip!

 misc 1171 Ten headbands & four bows to add to our “collection”

 misc 1178

My princesses with their matching clearance shirts and their new matching bows!!!

misc 1232

Our new bow rack we made yesterday! Glad for the extra space and not having to squish all the flowers! Old rack is being sold at the yard sale this weekend!