Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why I love fall

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Yes, I love the pumpkins, apples, cider, harvest smells, Thanksgiving, leaves, and so much more, but this is why I love fall!!!!! I love having dirty, happy children who love to play outside all day! I love giving baths every night because it is absolutely necessary! I love dripping popsicles on the front porch, digging for bugs, building sand castles, and so much more! But, above all, I love these beautiful eyes, dirty hands, dirty feet, and lots of laughing! I am so thankful for my little ones and the treasures God has entrusted me with! We are very much looking forward to a fun fall together with lots of playing outside in the beautiful weather!

I went out with the ladies in our church this weekend and had a great time of fellowship! It’s nice to get out of the comfort of a little, tight group and realize there are some big needs out there and great friendships to develop! We had many times of laughter and stories! Now, I am off to make some applesauce and who knows what other creations!!!