Monday, October 22, 2012

Big enough to BRAG about!?

I don’t know about you but I HATE it when people brag on themselves! Yet, often I find I do the same wicked thing in different ways. But, I love hearing others bragging on GOD!! You do realize that HE alone should get all the glory? So, why not brag on Him publically?  You know those posts, statuses, or blog posts telling everyone how GOD provided a particular thing, or answered a prayer request, or just stepped into a tough situation! That’s the bragging that I love to read about! Just last week I had a sweet friend text me to let me know GOD had answered a specific answer to prayer that she and I had discussed a few weeks before! I was tickled to hear how GOD had met that need!!

I am in the bragging mood this morning when it comes to my Almighty GOD! He met some important needs this past weekend! And, while I could title it My Weekly Treasure hunt, I had to brag on GOD, because HE did it all and I had nothing to do with it other than dragging myself out of bed early Saturday morning! Yet, even then, He had to help me with that, because my flesh wanted to sleep in!

I have a 4 year old who has decided she is going to get extremely tall causing all her pants, skirts, and dresses to be rather short rather quickly! uggh! Just this past week she and I discussed a need for at least 2 or 3 pair of jeans for the winter months. She is set with shirts, but bottoms were getting scarce! We asked Jesus for some and left it at that. But, honestly, every time I folded laundry I thought of it and prayed some more! May I mention that praying with faith knowing and believing He will provide brings a greater desire to run to His throne! Honestly, GOD has changed my habit of prayer and has made me pray in a completely different way the past  2 years! I know I have much to learn in this area and I still need continued growth, but I love how GOD continues to show me that my prayer life is my talking to HIM! Wow! What an overwhelming truth!

So, back to the pants!!! GOD allowed me to find a few yard sales early Saturday morning that directed me right to several things that would work perfect for Chloe. He also allowed me to find several wonderful things for her at the clothing closet I venture to on occasion! When I got home after having $1.25 left of my $6.00 this is what I had to show for what GOD can do!!!!

  misc 1253    

The back packs are full of paper, notebooks, cute pencils, glue sticks, crayons, markers and more! I threw them into next year’s bins for school! If you cannot see it is a princess bag for Chloe and a star wars Lego themed one for Andrew! Not only did GOD provide 3 pair of jeans He provided 6 and 4 pair for next fall (if she doesn’t grow a foot)! When I showed Chloe her faced beamed with excitement. She said, “But, I prayed for 3, mommy!” What a tremendous blessing to teach her that sometimes we pray and GOD answers differently. Sometimes it is not to our “liking" or it may be more, BUT His way is always best!!

The pile consists of: 1 pair American Eagle shoes and 1 pair Old Navy shoes for Chloe for next year, 3 summer shirts for Chloe, 3 fall shirts for Chloe next year, 4 carter outfits for Ella, 2 Gymboree outfits for Ella, 2 shirts for Maddie, 3 pair pants for Maddie for next year, 3 Carters pants for Ella, including a cute pair of corduroy pants, 3 pair of shorts for Andrew, 3 long sleeve shirts for Andrew (one being a white one which we have prayed for), 2 pair of pjs for Chloe for next year, diapers, pull ups, wipes, a cute summer dress outfit for Ella for summer, 6 summer tops and shorts for Ella, a Gap jean jacket for Chloe for next fall, and a cute Gymboree sweater for Maddie. The only money spent for some of that was $4.75 and the rest was free!

GOD IS GOOD!!! And HE is so worth bragging on!

I had stopped at one sale close to home as we headed that way. I found 2 things that we have prayed for---a Johnny Jump up for Ella and a coat for me! When I got to this sale I had $1.25 left and figured it would be wiped clean since it was almost noon. But, there hanging in the garage right next to each other was a gorgeous brown Ralph Lauren jacket my size and a almost brand new Johnny jump up! Unfortunately I knew there was going to be no getting them both for what I had  considering they were worth the prices they had listed them for so I drove home. It was somewhat disappointing, but I figured I would just go home. When I got home my hubby sent me out to get some cash and I went back for the 2 other much needed items! I found a few pair of shorts for Andrew too!

What an awesome GOD I serve!

What about you? Has GOD done something for you worth bragging about? I’d love to hear about it!