Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fun for almost Free

Last week I received this random magazine in the mail and a small coupon asking me to fill something out on Target’s website. The form took me about five minutes, I printed it out, and walked up to the customer service desk at Target. They didn’t even glance at my form but handed me a $20 gift card! I know, really? I was ecstatic! What a fun thing to walk through a store like that with free money in my hands! The only bad thing is I could find a million things I would like from Target! But, I hit the jackpot at the clearance sections. We have been looking for a cute sweater for Ella since many of her dresses are short sleeve or sleeveless. I found one on clearance and then found a really pretty throw with the colors I have been wanting to add to my living room! And, my grand total with a treat for Maddie was $4.00! Gotta love random forms to fill out!

After our Target stop we ran to Hobby Lobby to return something I was not going to use. With my 40% and my exchange card I got the cool blue vase in the pic below, some paper for my center piece frame, and 3 kinds of material for pillow covers for the couches for free! She had lumped all the material together in one transaction so  I was able to use the 40% coupon on the entire fabric purchase! Sweet!

I have been wanting to pull out the red in my living room since once Fall decor and Christmas decor comes out my house is filled to the brim with red. So, I opted to go with two shades of blue and eventually some chevron. Still waiting on that project, but hoping to get some chevron pillow covers done soon and maybe another pattern. My husband did find me some really nice brown curtains so I could change it up now without having to wait to afford the chevron. (o: Love him!

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