Thursday, October 25, 2012

Holey Tights & Empty pickle jar?













Last Sunday we pulled out the tights bin for my sweet angels to wear since it was getting chilly out. Chloe chose a brown pair to match her super cute new brown and lime green dress. After I picked her up from her class I noticed a rather large hole in one of her tight legs. Apparently she got it snagged and then proceeded to make it bigger with her little fingers! Imagine that, huh? When we got home I told her to take off her tights and throw them in the trash. As she opened the trash can I had a thought and quickly told her to hand me the tights for something I was gonna make. Several of the college girls quickly asked what I was going to do and I told them they would have to wait and see! I didn’t know yet, but something was brewing in my little brain.

I remembered a large empty pickle jar that I had not thrown away thinking I could come up with a fun decor piece. I cut off the holey leg and threw it away and slipped the other leg over the pickle jar! It was tight fit considering the pickle jar had a leg size of me and not a 4 year old! lol (sad, but true). Nonetheless the tight fit worked and I loved the finished product. I tucked the top into the rim and glued it to the jar then tied a few pieces of material around the rim and stuffed it full of sticks! Voila! And, yes, the college girls spotted it on the piano this Sunday. Gonna be on the lookout for other holey articles of clothing because I think it would be fun to find a new purpose for them!


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