Tuesday, October 16, 2012

“Just wait, Honey, God will give them to you probably for free!”

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This is my overflowing table of answered prayers completely FREE of charge! My title was something my momma told me last week when I told her that I hadn’t found many clothes for my kids yet for next year. I knew He would provide for us and wasn’t worried, but I definitely like to be organized and like to see it all come together! Nonetheless, I “happened” across a yard sale Friday of last week where everything was free! You couldn’t just take anything and everything and their was a limit, but seriously??? Free??? I ended up with several Old Navy, Gymboree, and Carters outfits, jeans, and shirts for all three girls, t-shirts for Andrew, a brand new red Old Navy winter jacket for Maddie, Scrabble game, brown adorable boots for Maddie and brown boots for me, several sweaters, several dresses, and a few other shirts for me! I also found a few cute plates, soda, a necklace, Barbie, several leggings and a few pair of tights! God is so good and I love the little and BIG things He lovingly does for an undeserving child that I am!