Monday, October 8, 2012

Lil’ more fall decor

I believe Fall is just a start to lots of fun decorating especially with Christmas right around the corner! I found these cute little pumpkins at Hobby Lobby last week and n ended up only paying 75 cents each with coupon codes I had. They are ceramic and I love their little details. I printed the word out from online and put it into one of my extra frames.

The piano top got a little bit of rearranging when I finally got our poster printed and I put it on a canvas. You can’t see my fun find (black crow) I found again from Hobby Lobby for almost nothing! Gotta love coupons and coupon codes.

FallSwaringenpctures2012 045 FallSwaringenpctures2012 394

Last weekend while heading home from our Fall Frolic For Fun we ran into a small flea market and I found this bench. I am eventually going to create a little sitting area in our bedroom for an area where I can read comfortably. But, I can’t do that until the little peanut has moved to her big crib. So, here it sits for now! I have a recliner on my yard sale list, so praying I can put it here when I find it! Also have new curtains in my mind to allow me to switch up my pop of color every now and then. I love red, but I’d like different colors too. So, I am going to go with a white and brown strip material so I can use any pop of color that suites my fancy! I’d love to do chevron, but don’t really want the work of painting them myself and I haven’t found brown and white yet. Every other color but not brown. Any thoughts from my readers? Other color options? Want it somewhat nuetral.

FallSwaringenpctures2012 043

  Come back tomorrow and see what I found at my annual yard sale event! I cannot wait to share with you how the Lord provided for our needs and even some of those “little” wants!