Friday, October 12, 2012

My Favorite Yard sale event of the year

For the last 3 years we have attended a huge yard sale on the south side of Charlotte. We make it a BIG deal. Like big as in leave at 5:30 in the morning, with homemade muffins, hot coffee drinks, snacks and drinks packed, bag lunches, long lists, friends, flashlights, scarves and much more! Ahh, it’s just so fun! My list wasn’t really long this year due to really being in love with my home how it currently is. I didn’t want to waste money on just random things so I really prayed that the Lord would allow me to find only what was on my list.

One of my top things on my list is always clothes for my kids for the next year. Unfortunately kids clothes were rare at this community sale and the items I did find were charging $2-3 for each item! So, that was not happening! Especially when I know I can pray those items in and get them for free or for 50 cents!

Since I took 7 other ladies we tried to get creative with our lists. We decided everyone would give their top 3 items they were looking for and then they would get first dibs on those items when we found them at sales. This eliminated the everyone loving one thing and deciding who saw it first! Funny thing, my top three were the same as one other’s! Thankfully they were the same but not exactly the same style, so we were good!

My sweet hubby so graciously drove his truck and pulled a trailer too! Yup, we filled both and two other vehicles! Next year I think we may consider bringing in a semi! The best part of my hubby driving was that I didn’t have to try to drive in tight areas, load, unload, rearrange, reload, etc! He and his friend did all of it!!! We have lots of fun stories with the two of them too like them having 8 wives! Fun times and great memories were made!

So, what did I get? Well, I started off REALLY slow! I found a pair of dress shoes for Andrew (on list) and then didn’t find anything for quite some time! I initially was a bit frustrated, but then I remembered that what money I didn’t spend at the yard sales would go toward things on my list too. Shortly after I found 4 of these gorgeous outdoor chairs (one of my top 3 items) He was just taking them out of his garage and had $25 marked for all four! That is a great deal, but if you yard sale with me, I am looking for a really great deal! (o; I offered him $20 and he jumped to a yes right away! So, I asked then if he’d take $15 and he said YES! I know, I totally did that backwards and I totally was shocked that I did it, but he wanted rid of them and I saved another $5 for some other treasures! So, I got 4 beautiful swivel and rocking rod iron chairs for our soon to be new patio! (well, next summer hopefully) I just have to pick out my rustoleum paint color and brush away and then paint! Super excited to cross a huge dollar item off my top 3 and only paid $15!!!!!

FallSwaringenpctures2012 403

After my chair find I found some gorgeous dresses for Chloe and a few tops for next year and paid $5 for a large bag of loot! (all on my list) All 8 of us racked up on a yard sale mid morning! It was a fun one! I got a few pillows for a project that probably won’t happen til the first of the year, cute curtains for the girls room, a purple pillow for their room, a purse for me, a cute pink and black scarf, and a few other items (all except the curtains were on my list). This was the same sale my sweet friend Angela found a purple desk for her coffee nook! We got him down from $5 to $2 for it! Cannot wait to see what she does with it! The next 2 yard sales were actually found by my hubby and he texted me a picture of the white cabinet and asked if I wanted it! So, yes, my hubby was on the lookout for my list items too!!! Gotta love that man! Here is the cabinet he found for the girls room! It was marked at $25 and I paid $18 for it!!! The girls love it and can get their outfits much easier than before!

FallSwaringenpctures2012 399misc 1239 (We went to Ikea after our yard saling was complete, and I was able to get matching comforters for the girls beds---which were on my list)

I have been looking for a cool tv cabinet for several years, but I was being VERY picky about what I wanted it to look like! And, I wanted it to be something I could later use for a wardrobe etc, and not just made for a tv! This was another item my hubby spotted and called me to come see. All I did was walk up and fall in love!!! I could not believe the coolness of this cabinet! It was huge, tall, had storage space, and a place for a pole to function as a wardrobe! The hardware is phenomenal and, let’s just say I totally wanted it! I try really hard to not look too excited when I find something for several reasons, but the biggest is the bartering is affected. If they know you really want it they don’t go down as low. So, I hemmed and hawed a bit and actually looked for thing wrong with it. It wasn’t level so the door was clasping shut, but it was totally fixable. Nonetheless, I hadn’t asked the price yet! He said he was asking $150 for it! This was a totally huge deal and the cabinet is worth far more than that, BUT I don’t like spending that much on one thing while yard saling! So, I offered $100. I wish now I had gone to $80 because I am pretty sure he would have taken it, but I think $100 was great too! So, it houses my tv, all our videos and emptied out random stuff in our coat closet!!! I love it!  FallSwaringenpctures2012 397 My husband found these 3 wooden boxes that fit perfectly in the bottom shelf of the cabinet. $2 for all 3

FallSwaringenpctures2012 409

For now the corner where the tv used to reside has some random items on my little shelf! Totally looking forward to this place for our Christmas tree this year!

FallSwaringenpctures2012 398

this is where my antique dresser ended up! It is housing our pictures, music, and quilts now! So functional!

FallSwaringenpctures2012 396

I found this nice leather ottoman, a punch bowl, and a Huge box of dollhouse (Barbie) furniture for the girls at a fun indoor yard sale!


This is the light that I literally RAN to get when people started putting free stuff out by the road. Gonna break out the glass and paint it! Not sure where it is gonna be, but I will figure something out!       FallSwaringenpctures2012 405  

That pretty much sums it up, and I am ecstatic! I am completely looking forward to this trip again next year! What fun finds have you come upon lately?