Thursday, October 11, 2012

Promises never run out!

FallSwaringenpctures2012 306

I took this picture recently while driving to work! I am continually amazed at all the precious promises that God gives to little ole’ me! I am so underserving of such tremendous promises that I cannot even begin to express how it makes me feel. Let’s just say, “Overwhelmingly blessed!” God is so good to me. And, just as Noah while standing on top of a mountain after being cooped up in a big boat waiting for God’s hand to clearly open the door, I too stand within a boat of life waiting for those open doors. Noah watched God send him a rainbow of promise, and I too, daily see many rainbows of promises that my Gracious God readily directs me within! What a joy to know that His promises are given each day and they will NEVER run out!