Friday, October 5, 2012

The Littles

I sure love my little ones and am constantly amazed at God’s blessings to me! Thankfully Chloe and Andrew love to read and I often find them here cuddled together reading random story books!FallSwaringenpctures2012 055Maddie continues to be my morning helper! We love to shop together and we have tons of fun baking and cooking while Andrew and Chloe are at school! She loves to help with baby sissy too!FallSwaringenpctures2012 248 Ella is getting super chunky and we are enjoying watching her grow each day! She has decided to start teething already, so that has given some challenge, but we LOVE her!

FallSwaringenpctures2012 382

What an overwhelming responsibility it is to be a mommy! Thank you, Lord, for giving me each of them to remind me each day that I cannot go a day without YOU!

FallSwaringenpctures2012 282