Thursday, November 15, 2012

Adopted Blessings

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We are so blessed to have adopted parents for us and adopted grandparents for our little ones since we moved here almost 7 years ago. My little ones call one set Mama and Papa Bear and the the ones pictured above are Ma and Pa. I have been so overwhelmed over the years how much both of these couples do for us! All too often Mama and Papa Bear Barrick swoop our kiddos up and watch them at a moments notice for any length of time! Ma and Pa often call us up and tell us to drop the kids off and have a date night or stock us up on groceries! These two couples are the sweetest and godliest examples to me, my hubby, and our little ones! I cannot say “Thank you” enough for all they do for us and the sacrifices that they so readily and often give! Often they do things behind the scene and seek no praise or thanks. Yet what an overwhelming blessing to see Jesus in 4 tremendous friends each day I get to cross their paths! I am praying God blesses them above and beyond the blessings they have been to us throughout the years! Thank you to the dearest and godliest examples I know! And, for making this like home since our family is so far away!

We love you, Mama and Papa Bear and Ma and Pa!!