Monday, November 19, 2012

Around the corner

I know, you are thinking, Molly it’s not even Thanksgiving! I know, I know! And, yes you may be one that gets irritated that people “forget” about Thanksgiving and go straight to decorating for Christmas. Well, that is fine and good, but I have not nor will I forget Thanksgiving. We are actually headed to the coast tomorrow to help a sweet family prepare and serve Thanksgiving dinner to a group of military! We are so excited for this opportunity and Andrew is especially thrilled that he gets to play games with the Marines! So, no we are not forgetting Thanksgiving and we can still be thankful while enjoying our Christmas decorations.
I usually wait until the day after Thanksgiving, but this year I really just was getting tired of all my fall decor and I wanted change. Plus, with our schedules right now, there was one day that we had free and this is what we did that day! WE had so much fun. I haven’t done the lights all over the outside yet and I still have a few things to do inside, but for the most part it is complete. Each of the kids rooms have their tree too and the girls begged for lights wrapped around their bunk beds. I forgot to take pictures and we had a little mishap that needs to be fixed on the strand of lights we had just bought.
We have a busy next couple weeks and figured if we hadn’t used that free day then decorating wasn’t gonna happen for a long time! So, I am excited for the time we get to enjoy it!!! Hmm, now to wrap some gifts for under that tree. We are still hoping to get our real tree, but for now my $5.99 Goodwill find is suiting the purpose!
Hope your Thanksgiving is amazing!