Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Behind the scenes of EBC’s Scavenger hunt

The Scavenger hunt has always been one of my favorite activities at EBC. It is just so fun organizing and dumping off hundreds of pounds of food at needy families doorsteps. I don’t know, just the look on their faces, the tears of joy and thankfulness in their eyes, and just to know that ministry IS FUN!!!

So, what is it you ask? Each team of teens organize food lists and get volunteers to bring in their food. Your purpose is to build baskets and fill each with a Thanksgiving dinner.

The baskets can be anything from a decorated card board box to a castle “dollhouse” made from wood. The night of the hunt the teens are given clues and verses to figure out what item of food they are picking up and at who’s house it will be picked up from. This year there were 10 houses spread from Kings Mountain to Grover. It is crazy to drive around and pick it up, but so much fun!!!!

misc 1552

John decided he was going to hold the turkey this way! He said he was sympathizing with a pregnant lady---not a chance!

After all the food is brought back to church we fill the baskets, load up on the bus, and deliver to families that Pastor Ogle has chosen to encourage.

Unfortunately I was busy organizing the food so I didn’t get the greatest pictures, but it was wonderful! We ended up collecting a little over 800 pounds of food and over 600 pounds were given to a family whose daddy has been diagnosed with cancer. Can you imagine what 600 pounds of food would look like in your kitchen? It was crazy packed into the little space.

misc 1550

This is just one of 4 counters overflowing with food plus a huge pile in the middle of the floor, 2 stuffed freezers and 1 full refrigerator!

The bus ride is always interesting and quite funny actually. I love the staff and am so thankful for adults who know how to have fun too!

misc 1553Bryan playing pterodactyl with the teens! Hilarious! 

So thankful for the opportunities to minister!