Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blessings in a HUGE disguise

I can be thankful for the flu? What? REALLY? I know what you are thinking, “No way, what blessings can you find amidst puke, fevers, dirty laundry, nasty carpet, and stinky bathrooms?” Well, the Lord had to give my little one the flu in order to find those blessings in disguise.

I have been working late hours on Monday nights the last few weeks. Partly because I’ve been given a little extra to do and we need the extra cash (whenever they decide to pay me) and partly because it’s nice to get it all done in one swoop. So, I got home around 11 only to find my sweet Chloe Belle bent over the toilet with nastiness all over her face and hair. Daddy is a trooper and so sweet when the kids are sick. He took care of her while I discovered the MESS on the bed. It’s times like these when I wish I weren’t like my momma! You know the layered look on the bed, tons of pillows, a million blankets, just pure fun, right? Well, I have 2 blankets on the end of her bed, a duvet cover on her bedspread, and a total of 6 pillows including the huge husband of a pillow all on her bed. Plus you have to add her blankie and the 5 small stuffed animals she’s managed to bring into her maze of a bed! All that to say, pretty sure I had to wash everything but 2 pillows, the carpet and several towels. I had to empty the filling from the husband and later put it all back together again. Oh, did I mention that she sleeps on the top bunk. Yes, joys for mommy!

Was that the end? Nope, the puking continued and I may be a strange mom, but I’ve learned to make a comfy bed on the floor of our bathroom for the our sick child! This makes it easier for us and for them to get to the toilet. It’s clean, no worries! Morning came and she seemed so much better. But, the laundry pile filled almost half of the kitchen floor. Maddie soaked through her diaper managing to get her covers and sheets, Ella pooped all over her clothes and her blanket and puked on our bed. So, there goes three more beds needing stripped. So, I figured, why not just throw Andrew’s into the lot too while I was at it.

Moments after I finished my 9th load of laundry, Ella decided while chillaxin on the couch (which I just cleaned) she was going to explode everywhere and all over 2 just cleaned blankets!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!

It was then in the stillness and quietness of praying to the Lord for grace and patience that He seemed to say, “Do you not see all the blessings I’ve given you today?” Right, Lord, blessings? What blessings? I feel like I went back and forth with Him, and yes, I was talking to Him out loud. He always came back to saying, “Just take a look, sweetie!” I then stopped to look around and found myself in tears realizing the blessings He had given to me through a nasty disguise of the flu! I know some of you are wondering, what blessings? Well, here are just a few that He very lovingly showed me….

4 children, gorgeous bedding on comfortable beds for each of us, extra frilly things to make our beds special to us, special gifts of stuffed animals that only little ones can tell the stories of, running water (I remember not having this luxury all too often while in Africa), Homemade yummy smelling detergent that was super cheap, a washer and a dryer that runs, food to eat even though this time it was being upchucked, fun bath toys for my sick little ones to enjoy, silly pictures in the bathtub from our fun bath crayons, cuddle time, towels, homemade cleaner to clean up messes, all clean bedding, and a gorgeous house that I can call my home!

See, so God has given us so many blessings and HE often reminds me of them in strange disguises! So, when you want to complain amidst that frustrating situation life brings, look around you and notice the…

…Blessings He’s Given you in Disguise!