Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Child Labor or training?

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I am sorry the pictures are a bit blurry, but they were definitely in action! One of these days I will get one of those fancy shmancy cameras that take great pictures. (Or maybe this photographer will just learn to be better) I am so thankful for a momma who trained me to work around OUR home as a child. It was never just my parents job and for that I am indebted to them! Andrew has more initiative than most adults I think! He will often jump up and move chairs, sweep, empty the trash, empty dishwasher, and so much more. Sometimes I think he has a radar and just knows the best time to get up and help. Yes, he is still a 6 year old and sometimes doesn’t, but on a general note he LOVES to be a big helper. Chloe enjoys to help too, but I am finding she would rather help cook, bake, organize, and decorate. She is not much for the cleaning aspect. Her new favorite job is starting their laundry!

No, we do not believe in child labor, but we are thankful that we have the Word of God to teach our children and one is to teach them responsibility and not being lazy! I am so glad they love their home and help to keep it a clean one.

Thank you my little helpers!!!!