Friday, November 2, 2012

Mom, really?


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Ha ha! This is the silly look Ella gives mommy during reading time! Doesn’t it scream, “Mom really?” I wonder what that little brain is thinking while being squished by loving arms, bounced by little knees and listening to the kids favorite monkey book!

Andrew LOVES to read to anyone and I am thankful for this passion! I cannot wait to find some good series for this bright little man’s library! I often find him cuddled up on his bed with a book and his baby sister just reading away! Chloe hasn’t mastered it yet, but she is not even half way through kindergarten and still only 4. Mrs. Swaringen is a miracle worker, but not sure that big of one!

I am indeed blessed with little ones with eyes to see, brains to learn, and mouths to help their mommy by occupying little ones with a good book!

Praying you have a blessed weekend, my faithful readers!