Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pinecone Trees

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Remember those pinecones I blogged about recently? Well, I was trying to get creative with how to use them in my Christmas decor and this is what I came up with! It was a rough task on my hands due to the sharpness of the pinecones, but it was so worth it. All you need is a pile of pinecones and a hot glue gun.
I started by lining up 6 on the bottom about the same height and glued them together. Then I just formed the rest around in layers forming a tree shape. It was VERY easy but very painful! Next time I will wear gloves! I am going hunting for more later today hopefully!
Once you have glued it together I grabbed my spray glitter and spray snow out and just sprayed the trees to look a little wintery! It was a fun craft after a long day of work.
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misc 1408 Just a little sneak peek of what my house looks like with Christmas decorations. I love the simplicity of the table and the fact that most of it is homemade. My hubby found the candelabra a few years ago for me for $1!