Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Toilets, toilets, and more toilets!!!!

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Disgusting, right? That was actually after I had already flushed what had been left in it for 4 months. I had a task at hand with that toilet for sure! The end result though made me smile and reminded me why I do this job! The extra perk is that it helps pay for my kiddos schooling and piano lessons.

When I was asked to take on a huge task of cleaning 53 offices in 1 month I was a little concerned! I actually said no at first, but got to thinking of a few friends that I knew needed some money and thought maybe they could help me complete this task in a timely manner. It has been draining and we did put 20 hours in two weekends in a row, but I am down to single digits! Definitely not as much stress, but when you are a mommy and wife even that can be stressful. Definitely made me pray for dear mommy friends who work full time/part time jobs and have a family to care for.

I LOVE to clean and am so thankful for the job the Lord has given me. And, while I would love to start my own restaurant or bakery, I too have always wanted a cleaning business. So, I guess this is that small desire surfacing to actuality! I had a small cleaning business in high school and college, but it dissipated obviously when I took on the bakery job until we moved here. So, for now, I will clean to my heart’s content!

Pretty sure in a 4 day period I cleaned over 40 toilets! And, might I add, they were DISGUSTING! We had lots of fun with spiders and spider webs too! Ahh, the joys of cleaning!

I LOVE to clean because of the end results! I love to see what sweat I shed does to a nasty room. It’s fun to leave something nasty sparkly and clean!