Friday, December 7, 2012

2 years later---it’s worth it!

Ever prayed for something for a long time and wonder when or if God will answer? I have certainly not arrived in the area of being a prayer warrior, but God has definitely taught me over the last few years that running to His throne first and foremost for wants, needs,  desires and more is ultimately the ONLY way to go!

I looked back at a prayer journal recently and marveled at all the small and huge answers to prayer God alone has given to little ole me! It is so much fun to know that He cares for me in every way even the things that I just want and desire to have. 2 years ago (in my journal) I asked God to provide a nice area rug for our living room. I wanted a good quality one so it would withstand the constant traffic within our home. I have looked at several stores and wanted to just save money and buy one over the years. However, God told me to wait and be patient---knowing all along that He had something better in store for us.

To make a very long story short I worked extra hard and asked the Lord to provide a rug for $100 or less. But, I had specifics in that prayer too. I did not want a Walmart or Ikea rug. Nothing against those rugs but they are cheaper in quality. I wanted an expensive rug, minus my having to pay for it. ha ha I wanted a dark brown rug that wasn’t too shaggy but had texture to it. I wanted it to be at least 8x10 in measurements. Those are some the “I wants.” I know, pretty picky, huh? Well, I have found that the more specific and detailed I am with my requests God makes me even more excited when He answers those requests above and beyond. I am like a child opening Christmas gifts when God answers even the smallest of prayer requests. I just think it’s awesome! The Bible says in James 1:17 “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”

So, back to my rug…last week I started to look on Craigslist for some rugs. I was finding a bunch of different colors with all my other wants. And, they were all way over my price range. So, I turned the computer off and prayed again for some of my specifics. That evening I “happened” to misspell what I was looking for and a new ad came up. It was listed as a large chocolate brown area rug NEW for $100. I immediately thought, “What’s the catch?” I contacted the man and he said I could come the next afternoon and look at it.

As we drove through the neighborhood my kids and I were in amazement at the houses. This house was the one next to the house we were going to look at the rug. Pretty amazing, huh? It had tennis courts and a basketball court in the back yard.misc 1673 

Well, I grabbed Ella out of her seat and went inside to look at the rug. It was one of those homes you walk into and could stand and look at things for hours----it was gorgeous. He told me they had just moved from Ohio and had bought this large rug to stage their last home in order to create a homey feeling for the buyers. Really? I don’t think I would spend $400+ on a rug to just sell a house, but I guess it worked and benefited me. The wife wanted to spend the money to get a really nice one and then use it in the house they moved to here in Charlotte. The husband is showing me all this in the foyer of their mansion. He said, “She’s changed her mind and wants to bring home a different style tonight, so do you want this one cuz it needs to go!?” I pulled out $80 and asked if he would take it and he did! So, I spent less than I had prayed for, got a much better quality of rug than I thought I could get with that amount of money, it has texture but is not shag, it’s a beautiful chocolate brown, its is 8x10, and it has never been used other than staging a room for selling their home!

I am in love and so thankful for God’s answer to prayer.

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