Saturday, December 1, 2012

Beach fun

Our family LOVED getting away for 5 days! We had so much fun traveling, going out to eat (Maddy’s favorite), shopping, sightseeing, and most of all the trip to the beach! Pretty sure this was the favorite thing we all did after our day with the Marines. God has been so good to us this year as every year, but I am especially thankful for the many times we have been able to go on mini to large excursions all together! This little trip ended up being longer due to finding out last minute that my hubby was getting paid holiday on Thursday and Friday. We didn’t know about the Friday, but were pretty pumped on how the Lord provides.

I am so THANKFUL for what God has given me, but I am ETERNALLY blessed to have the best hubby and 4 wonderful children for which to spend each second of the day with! Hope your Thanksgiving week was wonderful too!