Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Candy, Grinch, Parades, Sleeping, Lights, and Frozen Yogurt

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These are just of the few fun things our family has enjoyed the last week or so! We love our Christmas parade and have for years brought umbrellas for the kids to collect candy in! Let’s just say we ended up with at least 3 gallons of candy after we dumped the 3 umbrellas together. It is so much fun! I think our favorite float was the Grinch float, for sure. Maddie loved running out and getting all the candy. Ella watched most of it, but conked out near the end. Later in the week we went to McAdenville and look at lights together. We wanted to walk it this year, but had had a horrible migraine all day so we opted to just drive with our van doors open and the kids sat on the edge. It was super fun! And, since it was 74 degrees that day, we ended the night with Sweet Frog frozen yogurt!

I love the times we have to spend as a family! What a joy to be blessed with those opportunities!