Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Molly’s Version of Spinach Salad

My husband and I LOVE salad. I guess that is good especially since I am going back on Weight Watchers next week. So, my salad fix has to be of great variety and I have enjoyed coming up with a few new ones lately. Someone took us to Maggionos not long ago and we ordered a different salad than we had had in the past. I was pretty pumped when both Brian and I raved about how good it was. So, I set out on a mission….to determine all the ingredients. There was a blue cheese but we had switched that to parmesan just because sometimes the blue cheese is way too strong. I tried it the very next day at home and I’ve tweaked a few things, but we love it! I had the privilege of catering a luncheon at a nearby mission board and this was the salad I served.


Spinach salad

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Red & yellow bell peppers

Red onion


Sautee these in a little olive oil until softened. Place them on some paper towel and let them cool for a bit.

Spinach leaves

Fresh Parmesan cheese


Pine nuts

Balsamic Vinaigrette

Put your spinach on the plate and top with all your toppings. Garnish with the pine nuts and drizzle the BV over top.