Thursday, December 20, 2012

My lil’ Marine!

It is overwhelming to think that our oldest is 7 already. Wow! Time sure has flown by these last few years! Andrew told us several months ago that he wanted a marine theme birthday party, so mommy’s brain kicked into thinking mode the beginning of last week as I tried to figure out what to do. He wanted a chocolate cake so I thought I’d do something easy, until my cakes completely fell apart and it had me almost in tears. But, yay for frosting and green sugar that made it look like rugged terrain. We did a rectangle cake with a bunch of military stuff on it complete with a bomb that destroyed the left side of the cake with a broken truck and pieces laying everywhere.
Because my initial idea hadn’t worked, I had to implement something else to still give it a marine theme and not just military. So we went with the Marine Corps symbol and it was hard, but so worth it! Andrew started jumping up and down as soon as he got home from school! I used plastic spoons, fishing line, huge marshmallows (parachutes), glue, and army men to hang from the ceiling under the few Marine helicopters I found in Andrew’s stash. We had fun finding dog tags for all his little friends he invited along with a bag of candy, pencil, and whistle.
But, I must add the BEST part of his party was a huge answer to prayer and a big desire our little man had for quite sometime.  We have an adopted son in California that has been in the marine corps for 3 years now and has already made Sergeant. Andrew and he were always buddies and ever since Andrew was 1 he has loved Joe to pieces. Andrew begged us to invite Joe because he wanted a real marine at his party. A very long story short it seemed nigh impossible until Joe told us he would be flying in the night before and wouldn’t miss Andrew’s party for anything!
When Andrew walked in from playing with his friends there stood his live marine and treasured friend whom he prays for and talks about all too often. His face was to die for and I wish I hadn’t been so wrapped up in the moment of excitement and had videoed it, but it was priceless!
misc 1819 Joe even bought him a had and a shirt from his marine store. We found him another hat and a coat too so he is decked out to be a marine.
I love making birthdays fun and memorable for our little ones, but when God makes the extra things happen I know my little ones will not forget it! We love you, Andrew Micaiah, and are so thankful God has given you to us these last 7 years.