Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Antidote for Disease

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The Joy on a 7 year-old’s face as a result of prayer
“Prayer is the antidote for a disease of self-confidence that opposes God’s goal of getting glory by those who wait for Him!”
The Lord has constantly been teaching me and growing me in the area of prayer and I wanted to share a little bit how He has done that.
About 3 years ago I came to a fork in the road in my walk with God and realized I prayed very little. I mean I did the normal stuff and prayed for the necessities, but I rarely prayed for the little wants in my life and heart! God showed me much through His Word and I began praying for even the little things. You know, like a cute new dress and things like that.
Through the years I have watched God build my faith firsthand! I once was one of those people who listened to the stories of how God provided this fun toy for free and dumped tons of groceries for pennies and much more via testimonies at church, in passing, or on the technological devices we all have. Yet, I wondered if that could ever happen to me. Sweet readers, it has, ABUNDANTLY! I know I often mention things He has provided via this blog, but I love giving praise to the One who deserves it. I truly do not intend to brag on all that I have or gotten, but I want to point our eyes to the ONE who so amazingly answers prayers of our wants and needs.
Something that God has helped me with is to when I desire something or my children say, “Mommy, I want/need this.” I immediately say, “Lets’ ask Jesus if He wants us to have that that He would provide it for a good price!” It has become a habit for me and I believe my children have developed that habit too, for the most part. Just the other day one asked for a particular toy and the other piped in, “Ask Jesus, because He might not want you to have it, gotta pray!” It made me smile, but it also convicted me. All too often I run through the day forgetting to bow at His throne giving Him praise for the day and begging for strength. And, then when I want something I run excitedly and immediately asking for Him to provide. Do you do that? Or am I the only heathen out there?
I fail all too often, but what a blessing to know that a just man falleth 7 times BUT gets back up!!! So, friends, get up, press on, and bow your knee seeking His plans and provisions in life. Over the last 2 years especially I have watched Him dump blessing upon blessing in our home. I looked around today and marveled at the “stuff” we have accumulated. Our furniture, clothes, toys, decorations and more. And, it is even more fun to walk around and remember the prayers I entrusted to Him for so many of those very items. It is no praise to me, but simply and completely to HIM!
After going to the Kohrs for Thanksgiving we were amazed at how much Andrew enjoyed playing basketball. It was fun to watch, but immediately I began asking God to provided a basketball hoop for his Christmas present. I searched high and low when we got home and found nothing under $150! That was certainly not in our budget, but despite occasional discouragement, I remembered that if God wanted it IT WOULD HAPPEN in His time. I am so not a patient person, but it is another area in which He is chipping away at. Several weeks past and I went to Craigslist for one last time before going out and finding something for his gift so we could be ready for Christmas. About a minute after clicking on the category a new listing posted for a free, yup you heard/read right----FREE basketball hoop. I don’t think my fingers could move fast enough. I messaged the man and asked details and he said we were welcome to come get it. Only bad thing was that my husbands truck was in the shop so there was no way we could get it that morning. I was a bit anxious, but I knew if He wanted it for us then nonone else would get it before my hubby got done with work. Found out after that another family was going to get it but could not locate a truck to move it. My husband called me after dark and told me he got it and hid it in H & R Block storage unit.
Best part is it was FREE, a GREAT quality, FREE, and a huge answer to prayer!!!
God is good all the time.
Just last week He provided a new toy for Ella after praying for only a day for it. Other requests take years----and I mean years. I prayed for something for 3 years and it was just answered 1 month ago and not the way I expected, but it was better. Don’t quit my friends, run to God for ALL your requests. Have a joyful day.