Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Baking Overload

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I love to bake and cook, and I really wanted to change some of my stuff up when I took on the huge task last week of emptying all my jars and cleaning them out. I opted to make some huge changes and I am so happy I did. I have all my spices and bowls and EVERYTHING I need to bake all in or on this cupboard. I call it my baking wall, for real. I also chose to move some of my pasta and the rice onto the top shelf. This has helped me keep up with stocking them more since we eat alot of those items especially with our Sunday fellowships/feedings. ha ha
It isn’t a huge change, but it was a pretty interesting and tough job to dump stuff out in the right bowls in order to wash and dry them and then figure out what item would be best in each jar.
Sometimes it’s the seemingly “little” changes that make the world of difference!