Monday, January 28, 2013

Behavior chart anyone?

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Around October I was realizing I needed some extra motivation in regards to good/bad behavior. So, my littles and I enjoyed making this fun chart together. We picked up a bunch of bright colored felt, moving eyes, glue, magnets, poster board, and a black marker. They each picked out their own color marker and we wrote their name on the poster board. They all picked a fun animal or flower to draw next to their name and then we glued magnets to the back and hung on the top of the fridge. Next was the fun part---felt faces. I thought the cuter the better so we went with the wiggily eyes. However, we ran out part way through and just finished with a permanent marker.misc 2081
This is how we function our behavior chart…
Frowny face for disobedience, attitude, misbehaving at store, or any SIN!!!
Happy face is for respectfulness, going above and beyond, good attitudes, good job at school, helping mommy/daddy, kindness to siblings, sharing, etc.
For every frowny face you lose a happy face and for some happy faces you can remove a frowny face (I use my judgement with this)—this may seem harsh, but they try a great deal harder then to make up a happy face because rewards are big.
If you have 6 frowny faces at the end of the week a valued toy/privilege/outing is taken away for 1 week! I have had to do this only 2 times in the last 3 months and both have worked so hard to not let this happen again. Maddie had her doll and stroller taken away and it was a travesty. Andrew had the privilege of playing the wii or any technological devices away.
I wanted it to be something worth working hard for! If they have 6 happy faces at the end of the week they get to chose a prize…
Out for ice cream
Out for lunch
Discovery Place
Friend over to play
Discovery Place Kids
Monkey Joes
Shopping for a small toy
Sweet Frog
And the list goes on….
Yes, sometimes the other children get to participate in the reward of the one who earned it, but this has helped them work harder to be the one who contributes to all the activity to happen at all.
You may be thinking, “only 6?” Well, 6 happy faces can be hard to keep up when every time you put up a frown you remove a smile. We have not gotten to 6 more than 5 times in the last 3 months, but they are getting closer and definitely trying harder.
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You can do smaller prizes, a grab bag, or what nots, but this has worked awesome in our home over the last several months, and I am excited to keep doing it!