Friday, January 11, 2013

Just have to share

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My siblings draw names every year for Christmas and we have always done that since we were wee tots. It is so fun to buy one person a really good gift. That does not mean that we don’t get everyone something but this has helped some of us not feel badly if we cant afford to purchase a gift for all some years. Well, Brian drew Sarah’s name and she really wanted a snowboard. Maybe it’s just me, but big gifts like that are easier to send money for them to use or pick out the color or style they desire. So, I wracked my brain on a creative way to send her money and it still be special. So, there it is!!! Someone had given us a slew of baby boots the week before and one pair was pretty sad. So I grabbed a piece of cardboard and cut it into a slight shape of a snowboard and glued the boots on top. We stuffed the money in the boots and sent them in the Christmas package headed to Wisconsin.

We had a few other situations like that on Brian’s family side too. His brother wanted certificates to go do a few rounds of golf. Well, by the time I noticed the change on the wish list I didn’t have time to call the different courses and get a certificate sent. So, we grabbed an empty wrapping paper roll, half roll of toilet paper and a big white sock and created a funny looking golf club and stuffed the money for his round of golf in the top.

Brian’s brother wanted a truck or money for a truck so we found a cheap 6 inch kids truck and stuffed the bed with rolled bills for him to use for gas or a vehicle.

So, when you think giving money isn’t as special think of some way you can give it to them that doesn’t look like you just ran to the bank and grabbed a few bills and stuffed them in an envelope. It’s fun and reactions can be funny too especially when it looks like the above picture.

But, if you can’t think of a creative way to send me money don’t worry, just stuff it in an envelope it’s just as special to me and I will use it!!! ha ha