Monday, January 21, 2013

Mishap to creation

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I shattered one of my favorite mirrors the other day and was devastated! Boo hoo

As I began taking it all to the trash I had a light bulb go off and realized it would be a much more sturdy bow holder than the one we had previously made. So, Chloe and I tackled the job of creating a new bow holder from things we already had at home. We had a can of purple spray paint (she did great at this job), 4 different kinds of ribbon for the bows and an awesome staple gun my hubby gave me!

It didn’t take that long and we were finished. Chloe picked out a ziploc gallon bag full of bows and gave them to a sweet friend at church and we organized the rest. We have a bow making party coming up and I am excited to make some more! Hmm, wonder where I will put them…