Tuesday, January 29, 2013


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Sorry for those who saw this yesterday. Something is up with my dates changing when I schedule them to post. Unfortunately it has posted more than one post some days.

My husband says I have organizational OCD! I don’t think so, just some things have to be super organized for easy access and easier for my little ones. The sweet street was taking over the toy closet and sever bins were so snug the kids couldn’t even get them out without my help, so off to Walmart we went and hit the jackpot on tote clearance. The kids enjoyed picking out the colors too to house their treasure possessions.

With a stroke of chalk paint and a piece of chalk we labeled each bin with it’s contents. Love it and it has made life easier. No more coloring books falling all over and crayons oozing from the stash (all enclosed in that handy blue bin)