Monday, January 7, 2013

Sweetest sight for a mommy

I truly desire to see my little ones walk in truth on a daily basis! I myself must be an example in this way, and I am so thankful that God has lovingly helped me journal and walk with Him. It’s a struggle isn’t it?

I approached the New Year excited to put into place encouraging Andrew to have a consistent God and I time! We have gone through several Bible story books for our family devotions and I just chose one that was suitable and fairly easy for him to read. His excitement has been overwhelming and very convicting! I am so thankful that he desires to read God’s Word and learn more about the promises he can cling to too.

This is where I found him the other morning. He had made his bed, grabbed Ella from her crib, and was reading her his devotion for the day! Yup, my eyes welled up a bit. Praying I can go throughout 2013 being what I need to be for my littles, my sweet hubby, and all those I come across.

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