Thursday, January 31, 2013

To be or not to be?

misc 2078

I know some people hate it, but I guess all that matters is if I like it and my hubby likes it, right? I LOVE it and am so thankful that the Lord helped me do it, because I was really nervous. Might I indulge you in a little secret?

I did this the Saturday night I was stranded in Gastonia having just avoided a major accident! We had to go to Walmart for a bolt to fix our vehicle and I found this gorgeous red color on sale for $2.00. It originally went for $18 but they had an overstock. Yup, I was stoked. Then, we didn’t get home til’ 11:30 and I was insanely awake from the adrenaline. So, yup, it was midnight and I dyed my hair red…um on a Saturday night! Yes, there were thoughts of, “What will I do if it turns green? Will I go to church still? What if it has weird streaks? Do I have a hat for my outfit?” Ha ha, it was funny, but all in all I wasn’t nervous when I finished, because it looked good. And, it was only $2!!! Beats the $60-80 you pay at a salon.

From Blonde to red! Ha ha, I’m the same person just a different hair!