Wednesday, January 9, 2013


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I am so blessed to have a hubby who shops with me and enjoys it! I LOVE when we all go to the store together. I don’t know it’s something about all being there, but it’s just plain fun. I know, I am a strange mom for sure, and I’ve heard of many mommas say, “I hate shopping with all my kids!” due to it being hard and stressful, etc. But, despite the occasional stress and such, I LOVE IT! But, when daddy gets to go with us, you’d think it were Christmas!!!! Not in the sense that he lets us buy anything and everything, but it’s often a time that we each get a special treat and mommy doesn’t have to be so penny pinching! ha ha

Due to HATING the ginormous carts at stores that you cannot turn without throwing out a hip I have resorted to letting the kids take turns riding on the bottom! It is easy, convenient, and they thoroughly enjoy it! Andrew and Chloe are my big helpers and usually hang onto the lists or tracts!

You can make anything and everything fun it just starts with your attitude! So, as I venture out to do some errands today I keep telling myself, “I am teaching my kids through my actions and attitudes in all I do and say!”

Enjoy your outings together because you should, but also because one day you won’t have them as often!