Friday, February 1, 2013

Look Whooo turned 5

Chloe chose an owl themed party and I LOVED doing the decorations and preparations for it! It was not extremely difficult and I think it turned out super cute.
We made an experiment of strawberry cupcakes and they were super yummy. I added homemade strawberry jelly to them and it was extra moist. The cake, on the other-hand fell prey to baking with 3 little ones helping and doing a million other things. It was NASTY, for real! Oh, well. It was cute, and we aren’t cake eaters either so it usually just ends up being decoration. I just feel bad for those who, ever so graciously, ate it despite it’s nastiness. I spit my bite in the trash and got a big bowl of icecream to take the taste away. We had stuffed an owl on top and placed it on a grapevine wreath with feathers surrounding it. Chloe did all of that and I loved having her ideas and help with this
Chloe wanted to make stuffed owls for everyone. Actually, she wanted to buy everyone on, but that certainly was not in the budget. So, I scrounged up some cute fabric and felt and purchased a bag of poly and sewed up these cute little critters. She stuffed them all by herself and stitched the bottom where she stuffed. They weren’t perfect, but we had fun doing it together and she loved giving them to all her little friends who came.
Do you see our cute little mason jars? We spray painted the rims and lids and put a hole in the lid for a curly straw. It was an extra little fun touch, and the kids seemed to really enjoy drinking from the jars.
I used the leftover material from the owls and made little banners instead of doing balloons. Chloe kept saying, “mommy, I love that!” I did too, and they have been saved for a future event. We grabbed a few trees from the shed and sprinkled pinecones all around the table.
The pinata was an extra touch and we just let them each hit it once and then tore it apart above their heads. It was fun to watch them all scurry about filling their little tin buckets of candy and jewelry.